County Championship

The history of the game of cricket has several centuries. The first mentions belong to the XVI century – even then it was known about the new game, during which the participants hit the ball with bats. True, the name of the game at that time was not mentioned. Already in 1598, the world recognized the name of the new game, then it was called “crackett”, and the rules were not similar to those descriptions that we have from the beginning of the 16th century. Experts note that, most likely, its history begins in England. Other researchers of cricket believe that the roots of the game are Flemish. There is also no definite opinion regarding the name of the game. One of the most common opinions is that the name comes from the Old English word “cricc”, which means a crutch or a stick.

In this sport, any simulations and dirty provocations, which are actively abused by players and hockey players, are completely excluded. Everything rests on strict adherence to the rules and respect for members of the opposing team. For example, if a player notices a violation that the judge misses, this will be considered a bad form. Cricket is a game that requires not only dexterity and skill, but also endurance, patience. A player with exceptional professional skills will not be able to become great if he has notorious fame. English cricket respects those who behave decently. Such is the etiquette! Cricket sports won the hearts of millions of fans. Viewers from around the world are watching professional matches with bated breath. Players show a real class on the field, knocking the ball over a huge distance and making incredible races across the field. Now in England there are the most prestigious cricket clubs, for example, the Worcestershire County cricket club, Notts Outlaws and many other venues.

The history of development: appearance of County Championship

Experts believe that cricket was originally created as a children’s game. Only a century later, adults also began to show interest in the game, and since then it has begun its rapid development. Most of all, cricket was popular in the south-east of England. There are a lot of reports from the time of the cricket championships, about the games of various teams. It was at this time that cricket became a professional sport and in the 18th century it became the national sport of England. By the way, the fact that the rates on cricket games were not limited had a great impact on the rapidly growing popularity of the game. Wealthy citizens had the opportunity to earn income through the formation of their own teams, and the excitement gathered hundreds of spectators in the stands of fans.

In 1760 there are significant changes in the technique of the game. Before that, the ball had to roll on the surface of the playing field or fly over it. Since 1760, shots with high trajectories are practiced in cricket. True, for this it was necessary to change the shape of the bits. At this time, to replace the old curved stick comes a new bit, which is already an analogue of the modern bits for the game of cricket. Only at the beginning of the 19th century did cricket standardize sword weight and bit width. There was protective equipment for batsmen, players who fought the ball. In addition, the powers of the arbitrators are expanded at this time. In the 19th century county clubs appear. One of the first such clubs is the Sussex Club. Along with the development of cricket club teams, wealthy Englishmen and national teams that traveled around the country and took part in competitions with other national teams or with club teams are formed. With the development of the railway communication, the popularization of cricket has increased, and already in many countries new teams of players began to appear. Now consider how such well-known cricket teams appeared, such as the Worcestershire cricket team (they are called “Worcestershire Rapids”) and many others.

Specsavers County Championship – eternal rivals: Warwickshire – Essex

Can the players from Essex cricket team block the way to victory for the current winners of the County Cup? In the second quarter-finals of the prestigious cricketers’ competition in the host country of this sport of England, the teams will meet “Warwickshire County” and “Essex Eagles”. In a rather lengthy competition this year, the time has come for the playoff matches, one of which has already taken place. The very famous outside of the British Isles team, Sussex, was minimally inferior to Northamptonshire – 165: 166. Warwickshire is the winner of this tournament and over the past year the team actively demonstrates to everyone that it has not lost its ambitions and is close to its triumph this time. This meeting is also important because there is a struggle not only between clubs, but also between the venues, because Essex county cricket club is considered one of the most prestigious cricket grounds.

Confirmation of this is 9 victories with 4 defeats in the long qualifying round, which took place recently. Essex is the quarter-finalist of the NatWest T20 Blast last draw. Spocknulas team last year at this stage just in a duel with Warwickshire. The result in that match was the score 178: 197. The qualifying round of this year, the team from the south-east of England holds quite strongly, winning five of the last seven meetings, so it is unlikely that they can be counted among the outsiders as outsiders. This judgment is shared by bookmakers, who do not risk predicting “Warwickshire” unconditional success – a coefficient to win is 1.64, while the victory of their opponents is seen in about 2.00.

Hampshire cricket team

Hampshire is the birthplace of cricket, one of the national sports. The British are obsessed with sports. “Game by the rules” exists not only on the field, but also in ordinary life. Sports terminology, which came into use, can be found everywhere, from pubs to parliament. As for cricket fans that arrived in Hampshire it is better not to find Hampshire in the world, because it is Hampshire that is home to cricket. In the local town of Hambleton the first club of half-contenders of this game was formed in 1750. In the early 60s of the XVIII century, the first cricket club was formed in the city of Hambleton, Hampshire. The team from this county for 25 years was the strongest club in the country. Soon the center of English cricket moved to London: on the Dortmund fields, one Thomas Lord opened the field for the game. At about the same place in the British capital, Lord’s cricket stadium, the cradle of cricket in its modern form, still stands today. At the beginning of the last century, cricket was briefly included in the Olympic program, but due to lack of competition, this sport was excluded.

An important event in the development of cricket was the formation of the Wimbledon cricket club in the early sixties of the eighteenth century, which was preceded by the victory of the team from a small Hampshire village over England. Over the next twenty-five years, the Hampshire Royals remained the strongest club in the country. Soon the cricket center moved to London, where another important event occurred – in 1781 Lord’s Cricket Ground or Lord’s Cricket Ground opened. It is interesting that the playground was built not at all for the audience, but just the opposite – to hide from them. Now Hampshire county cricket club is prestigious not only for playing cricket, but also to get sick. For example, in England, some large companies have their own lodges in stadiums, although they say that they need lodges as a place for solving important matters, and not for watching the game. Many stars confessed their love for this game, for example, David Beckham and Sylvester Stallone. Even at marked intervals, cricket charity matches are held among celebrities.

The future star of English cricket

And now we’ll tell you about Rice Topley, a 23-year-old cricket player from Hampshire County. What does Fuels do in general? Topley is a professional cricketer. Like his father, the famous bowler Don Topley, 23-year-old Rees plays the bowler position. What is it all about? Cricket has two main game roles: batsman and bowler. In short, the batsman reflects the ball with the bat, the bowler throws the ball. The goal of the bowler is to destroy the opponent’s gate (which, in fact, is guarded by the batsman), thereby removing the batsman from the game. The goal of the batsman is to reflect the ball, knocking it into the field, after which it is necessary to reach the foreign zone, make wounds and bring points to the team. In principle, Rees plays both positions, but he is much more successful as a bowler. Topley throws the ball with his left hand, and because of its strength and growth, it is dangerous enough for an opponent. 23-year-old Rhys Topley is considered one of the most promising players in England, who two years ago made his debut in a national team shirt. At club level, Svitolina’s boyfriend plays for Hampshire (historically a big club that hasn’t played very well over the past few years), although Topley played his best match as part of Essex (English middleweight cricket played Rice in Division 2, in 2016 returned to Division 1), which was played at the beginning of his career.

Is this last time he not so successful? Rather yes than no. After an incredible progress in 2013-2015 and a debut call to the national team, as well as the transition to Hampshire, Rhys started a black line. In the first match for the new club, he broke his arm, and then Topley found a back injury due to which he missed the entire club season. After recovering from an injury, Rees got into the England team’s application for a training camp in South Africa in January 2017, but did not go there – in the first days of January he was found with a shoulder injury, which knocked Topley out of the game for a while. Constant injuries seriously affected Topley’s career development. Having signed a contract with Hampshire in 2015 for two seasons, Rees probably could not have imagined that he would spend most of the contract on the sidelines. Nevertheless, despite all the problems, the Hampshire leadership continues to believe in a 23-year-old bowler, extending his contract until the end of the 2018 season. “His attitude towards rehabilitation was excellent, and we are confident that he will be a key player in the coming years,” said a statement on the Hampshire website.

So is it now playing or is it till restored? He plays. Figure Topley returned to the field in late April, a little after the start of the season. In principle, he returns to his playing form and already looks good enough on the field for example, in the last match (July 7 against the Welsh Glamorgan in the NatWest T20 Blast tournament), Topley “knocked out” three batsmen, showing the second result in the team. Only the legendary Pakistani player Shahid Afridi performed steeper than Rhys. This is Topley’s best performance since returning in April. Rees Topley is already playing in one of the best and most stable clubs in the UK. In principle, there are several more powerful teams where he can go, but it’s unlikely that a 23-year-old bowler will change anything now. In Hampshire they believe in Topley and plan over time to make him the main star, which will return the club to the top of English cricket. How much it will work out will depend not only on the game of Rhys, but also on his health. Still, a full year out of the game can’t be displayed on the game potential Topley.

Of course, the main goal of Rice is to return to the national team of England. He played 16 matches internationally, but his last game in the national team dates back to March 2016. Then Topley unsuccessfully started at Twenty20 (a type of cricket with a limited number of overs) at the World Championships, having played two weak matches, after which he sat on the bench for a substitute. Then there were injuries that prevented Ris from receiving a call to the national team again. Now he is healthy, he plays in most matches of the team, and again he wants to play in a T-shirt of the England team. Given the fact that at the World Championships Topley was the youngest member of the English team, and also taking into account all the hopes that are placed on him in the club and the national team, we can safely predict a great career for the guy Elina Svitolina. He has all the data to become the new leader not only of Hampshire, but also of England.

Lancashire Lightning: stadium Old Trafford

Cricket, starting from the XVIII century, has become a truly national English sport. The first cricket lovers club was created in the 60s of the XVIII century in the city of Hambleton, Hampshire, and almost a century later this fashion reached Manchester – in 1857 the first matches took place at the site, later called Old Trafford. This sports field is home to the famous Lancashire county cricket club. Immediately after its creation, it was not particularly popular due to its remoteness from the city center. But already in 1884, competitions with the status of the so-called test games were held at Old Trafford. These are games with special regulations, to which only elite cricket clubs can be admitted. Since that time, the popularity of the field has grown, and with it the number of viewers has steadily increased. Competitions here were not held only during the First and Second World Wars. At the beginning of the XXI century, a serious reconstruction was carried out at Old Trafford: the historic Victorian style pavilion with an original facade, which is already 150 years old, was renovated, and a new VIP lodge was equipped, from where, through arched windows, it was convenient to keep track of the playing field; luxury” equipped with a modern room for meetings and business meetings. All this is due to the fact that being a cricket fan in England is very prestigious. Very often, wealthy companies have their own box at the stadium. It is said that during matches the most important events take place in such lodges, and the game on the field serves only as a pleasant background for making financial transactions.

So, Lancashire cricket ground is cricket stadium in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, and is located next to the eponymous football field. “Emirates” has become the official partner of the cricket ground for Old Trafford, so now it is called “Emirates Old Trafford”.

Yorkshire cricket

Yorkshire is a historic county in northern England, not only the largest, but also the most English of all English counties: from hills, meadows and flowering gardens of the locals to tranquilized classical English neighborhoods. Many of those who were born and raised in Yorkshire maliciously scoff at the prejudices of the Southerners, taking a position exactly the same as the Texans and Australians, who believe that everything that happens not to them should not be taken into account. Yorkshire Vikings is one of the most powerful and prestigious teams in the County Cup.

Carnegie Pavilion of the Yorkshire county cricket club

A new pavilion for the Yorkshire cricket club was built in Leeds, on the edge of the playing field. Its volume is slightly bent, repeating the rounded shape of this “arena”; spectator stands attached to the field also entered his complex. The green-painted building consists of many triangular faces, but, in general, its shape tends to lean towards the traditional rectangular block. The size of the building is five floors and the budget of 20 million pounds is significant because serve as an academic building for the University of Leeds. The peculiarity of this building is that, along with sports functions – stands and boxes, a media center, changing rooms and utility rooms – there are also auditoriums and administrative premises of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality of Leeds City University, and the university was the main customer of construction, and Yorkshire Cricket Club was his partner. The pavilion has two equal facades: the street, facing the Victorian buildings of the Headdigli suburb, and the internal, open into the stadium space. The first and end sides are trimmed with triangular panels of perforated metal of different shades of green, which should be in harmony with the vegetation around. One of the ends is also closed with cedar wood trellis, which in the future will be handled by vines. The internal facade is fully glazed with matte and transparent panels. At its center is a prominent volume of the main audience, which functions both as a lecture hall and as a tribune for journalists. In front of and under the building, from the side of the arena, there are open stands.

The combination of the various solutions of the external walls of the building creates as a result an intricate collage, not entirely solid and, all the more, clear. At the same time, the “collage” of functions works much better in the interior. Considering that the majority of matches take place in the summer season, that is, during student holidays, almost all university premises (except management and kitchen cabinets) were made dual-use spaces, such as, for example, the main audience already mentioned, or meeting rooms for teachers and students which are also used as radio studios.

The most interesting invention of the team from Yorkshire: cricket aground

When it comes to a ball game, the British show a wild imagination. Serious shipping is organized there; boats, yachts, tankers and container ships constantly ply back and forth. But about once a year, at high tide, exactly in the middle of the strait, a small stranded surface appears on the surface. At this moment, enthusiasts abandon everything they do, sit in their boats, yachts and boats and sail to this shoal. For what is it? Of course, in order to play cricket! You need to play before the tide, when you have to again rush into the boats, yachts and boats and come back.

Unusual news from the history of the Yorkshire team: cricket player shot down a pigeon flying over the field

In the British county of Yorkshire, a cricketer accidentally killed a pigeon. During the Yorkshire team vs Lancashire match, the Yorkshire man Jean Rudolph shot down a dove flying over a field about 40 feet (12 meters) high. The bird fell dead to the ground. Rudolph picked up the pigeon, threw him out of the field and returned to his position. At the same time, he looked confused. The sports commentator announced: “The ball hit the pigeon, and the pigeon is no more. Jacques Rudolph is a man with pigeon blood on his hands.” In December 2008, a similar incident occurred in Argentina. Then the pigeon was killed by a ball during a football match. And in March of the same year, Canadian golfer Tripp Eisenauer killed the ball with a hawk. This act was deliberate: the athlete knocked the bird down because it interfered with the shooting of the clip with his participation. Eisenauer was charged with animal abuse.

Sky Bet sponsors Yorkshire Cricket Club

The bookmaker company Sky Bet has become the official gambling partner of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club in England. The agreement is for three years. Sky Bet will use the new partnership to improve its mobile app and live bids. Sky Bet, which is based in the city of Yorkshire (Leeds), will also receive a number of options related to branding, advertising on social networks and access to tickets to the club cricket matches.

Surrey cricket

Cricket is a favorite way to spend free time for homeowners in Surrey. In this county, the game goes back to the 16th century. The Surrey county cricket club, a cricket club that has become the county champion 18 times, historically represents Surrey in competitions, although its main field is in Kennington. Surrey cricket teams between county teams were traced back to the 17th century, but the county’s participation in cricket returns much further than that. The first definite mention of cricket anywhere in the world is dated c.1550 in Guildford.

Team of Nottinghamshire and Nottinghamshire county cricket club

Among the most notable sporting achievements of the county are the cricket team Nottingham County, in 2005 won the championship of England and Wales, as well as the football club Nottingham Forest, currently playing in the second league. So, among the most remarkable achievements of the county are the cricket team Nottingham County, which won the 2005 England and Wales championship, and the Nottingham Forest, which is currently playing in the second league. If you love cricket and have never been to the County Cup, then visiting Nottenhampshire is what you need. You have to go. Fans of the cricket national team of this county are very fond of staying on their favorite field, the stewards and the staff are friendly and willing to help, there are not bad places on earth and suitable for both regular visitors and novice amateurs. The rules are explained on large video screens. There is a large selection of food and drinks, but, as is common in all sports facilities, prices are very high. However, you can bring your own food and drinks, but not alcohol.

English cricket and crime: England cricket player acquitted

The best England cricket player Ben Stokes got into a fight near one of the bars in Bristol. During the scuffle, a 26-year-old athlete beat several bar visitors at once, but he himself was injured after breaking a finger. The police quickly managed to detain Stokes, but he was later allowed to go home before the investigation ended. Note that the England Cricket Federation disqualified Ben Stokes indefinitely. As a result of this, he will miss the series of games between England and Australia, which has been held since 1882. But Ben Stokes, England cricket player after 11 months of the trial, was acquitted. By the way, Stokes may have been the best and best-selling player of the championship, and the league’s leadership promoted the game as an attractive alternative to football for children and families. Stokes himself, and the League sighed with great relief when the legal saga was brought to a clear and unambiguous conclusion. The fact that Stokes was found not guilty in a fight ends the legal stage of this protracted case.

Aspects of the trial may have seemed unsatisfactory due to the lack of evidence from two homosexuals who were key witnesses, but the verdict was unequivocal. Stokes was never officially suspended from England, but he missed the loudest series in which the English cricket player can play. After the acquittal, Stokes will feel that he has failed his teammates. Stokes, however, suffered from this episode: he suffered reputational damage, dealt a financial blow when the sponsors turned away and lost the status of the vice-captain of the England team. After 11 months, the court case ended with a handshake between Stokes and his co-accused Ryan Ali. Ben Stokes was accused of beating two men unconscious. The incident occurred in September last year in the city of Bristol. Stokes visited one of the nightclubs of the city, left him, but when he returned he could not get inside.

The county championship itself is one of the oldest competitions. As you know, the English cricket team is not inferior to this famous competition and is also one of the strongest in the cricket arena in the world. The second team was the Australian team, which also became England’s rival in the first one-day international match in the history of this exciting game. Since then, the British team has almost a thousand test matches, one third of which ended in victory for the British, while they were the owners of the main prize of test cricket – Eshes – more than thirty times. Despite the fact that England has never managed to get the Cricket World Cup, the English national team more than once came close to the coveted trophy and took second place in the championship.